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Get your employees back to work fast with our effective injury management service available across Australia.

Injury Management - why early treatment is critical.

Injury Management is an important service for your business.

Positive Health Group will help you by minimising loss of productivity and revenue by reducing overall injury costs.

Time to treatment of injury is a critical benchmark to ensuring your injured employee returns to work in a timely manner. Our aim is to effectively treat and manage injuries with no waiting, whilst ensuring the injured team member receives the best of care at all times.

In fact, your injured employee can see one of our doctors for an assessment and then, if required, walk across the corridor to a physiotherapist to begin treatment.

We strive to ensure a full recovery and return to work in the shortest possible time, and we can provide Work Cover certificates on the spot.

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Injury Management in Sydney from Positive Health Group


Two Options for Injury Management

Injury Management Sydney in clinic

In Clinic Injury Management

Come and receive treatment in our of our Sydney-based clinics located across the city. 

Injury Management by Telehealth

Injury Management via Telehealth (Video Link)

Receive treatment advice from anywhere across Australia via our telehealth (video link) service. Fast, convenient, and less waiting time.

Injury Management - what does it include?

The detail included in the Injury Management service will vary depending on the size and nature of your business.

Our objective is always to provide the best possible response to the management of workplace injuries, so injured workers can remain at work or return to work at the earliest appropriate time

Our Injury Management service includes:

• Treatment

• Physiotherapy

• Rehabilitation

• Retraining

• Claims management

Telehealth consultations

• Billing under AMA/WorkCover/SIRA scheduled rates

Positive Health Group - Injury Management in Sydney

WorkCover Provider on-site.
Book-in with our doctors who can provide a WorkCover Certificate.

WorkCover Certificate - SIRA

Top 3 causes of work-related injuries.

In 2017-18, Lifting, pushing, pulling or bending was still the most common way persons experienced their work related injury or illness, with 24% of people reporting it.

This was followed by being struck or cut by an object or vehicle (18%) and through a Fall on same level (including slip or fall) (15%).
Source: ABS.


Lifting, pushing,
pulling or bending


Struck or cut by
an object or vehicle


Fall or slip on 
same level

Best Injury Management for Your Employees

pre-employment medical assessment - positive health group audiometry assessment

Acute Injury Management

We work very closely with your injured employee to ensure they are healed rapidly and back to work with minimal delay.
We use proven techniques to promote a fast resolution for a wide range of common injuries. In this way, the employee benefits in the short term while minimising the impact of the injury in the long term.

pre-employment medical test - musculoskeletal assessment at positive health group in sydney

On-site Physiotherapy

Your employee can start their physiotherapy immediately after seeing a doctor. We are literally a one-stop shop for injury management.

We can provide your staff with a fast and effective treatment of Musculoskeletal injuries and monitor any impact they may have on your employee's ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of their job. 

injury management at positive health group in sydney

Comprehensive Team Approach

We will liaise with your rehabilitation case manager, Work Place Manager, and the insurance provider to ensure holistic case management.

Most often, you may never see a bill from us because we will deal with the insurers directly and never have to bother you.

We make it easy for you to do business with us and take better care of your employees.

Supporting Your Employees through Return to Work Case Conferences

Return to work case conferences can support an injured worker’s recovery and return to work.

We bring together, in a collaborative setting, the injured worker, ourselves (the healthcare provider), the agent, occupational rehabilitation consultant and where appropriate, the employer, to set goals and agree on a tailored and supportive plan forward for the injured worker.

  • Quickly set goals and agree on a supportive treatment plan
  • All parties are informed and on the same page
  • Proven to support an injured worker's rapid recovery.
Injury Management Return to Work Case conferences

Telehealth Consultations

Outpatient telehealth consultations provide rapid access to health advice, and are proven to reduce the number of visits and hospital admissions, while dramatically improving clinical outcomes.

  • Easy, fast, and cost-effective access to healthcare 
  • Perfect for when patient mobility is limited
  • Both patient and doctor can be anywhere
  • Especially beneficial during times of Covid.
telehealth services provided by Positive Health Group


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